In the tradition of his Italian ancestors, Jeff is an artisan who builds custom furniture from his fertile imagination. Born in Washington, DC, but raised in Los Angeles and schooled at UCLA, Jeff has been building and selling fine furniture since the 1990’s, first in Pasadena, then in Temecula and now in his new hometown, the avocado capital of the world, Fallbrook, California (and not incidentally, Jeff makes a mean guacamole).

Jeff’s furniture pieces range from the purely practical (tables of differing sizes and heights) to whimsical steampunk creations. He is currently crafting a writing desk with room for a computer and printer but what a desk this is! Using H.G. Wells’ time machine as a starting point, Jeff has added drawers, a map pull-out, a time travel lever, lights, knobs and all sorts of added timepieces to give the illusion of a time machine, complete with a steam locomotive front with a tube for discarded paper!

Unique, one-of-a-kind furniture is Jeff’s specialty. If you are looking for an unusual pub/game table or a kitchen island or a gardening bench, please give us a try. We use re-purposed wood and knobs and pulls whenever possible. Steampunk, antique reproductions, Craftsman and mid-century are all styles that Jeff works with and creates. If you have an item in mind, Jeff can probably build it for you.

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